6 Tips For A Stress-Free Wedding Day

When you hear the words “wedding day,” it can evoke a lot of emotions. From feeling excited to sentimental to just plain stressed, your wedding day can hold so many emotions. This blog post focuses on how to have a joy-filled day with as little to no stress as possible! When you plan well, you leave yourself room to be at ease and present on one of the most important days of your life.


There is no coincidence why I mention the timeline as the first tip for a stress-free wedding day. The timeline is so important for not only you and your groom, but also for your wedding party and vendors. Think of the timeline as the heartbeat of your wedding day. Without it, the day would have no rhythm and things would go downhill pretty fast. With a well-planned out timeline, you don’t have to think about what’s next, as your photographer and coordinator will keep things moving at exactly the perfect timing. Most photographers, like myself, will provide a sample timeline to help you and your coordinator plan the photography portions of the day in the best way. Some of my brides even use my sample timeline without even changing it!


This word may actually make you feel more stressed if you’re anything like me! ;) I like to plan and I like to know everything that’s happening. But, on your wedding day, you need to let others help you! This was super hard for me to do as a bride, but it was SO worth it. Find yourself an awesome coordinator who will take care of all the little details of the day and who will manage each vendor as they arrive and setup. (I have several coordinators who I recommend in my Preferred Vendor List that you receive after booking with me!) Going beyond the coordinator, have your mom or close relative and your maid of honor take care of the little things (i.e. gathering snacks or helping the photographer gather your details for detail shots).


Speaking of details, another tip for staying stress-free on your day is to plan ahead down to the last little thing. This means having all of your bridal details ready – like earrings, rings, invitations, etc. – in a bag altogether BEFORE your actual wedding day. Many photographers will remind you to have all of your details ready to go when they arrive. This is usually the first things they start photographing. So, having all of these items in one location will keep your photographer from having to ask for each thing and will keep the day moving. It will also be one less thing on your mind! For more info on bridal details, see my post here!


This may sound like a no-brainer but I think it’s worth mentioning! Don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep before your wedding day. The last thing you want to be is sleepy with a puffy face and bags under your eyes. You’ll want all the energy you can get! It makes it so much more fun when you feel rested! Speaking of energy, don’t forget to eat on your wedding day. For me, I just had some light snacks most of the day because I’m not a big eater when I’m excited. Keep something on your tummy at all times so you feel your best!


Other than the timeline and hiring a wonderful coordinator, thinking about the logistics of the day was a huge aid in keeping my own wedding day stress-free. It’s wise to note any parking instructions (especially for downtown weddings) on the timeline, along with all addresses. Include addresses where everyone is getting ready if it’s different from the venue, and of course, all venue addresses. Be sure to send the timeline to all vendors, including immediate family, family who will be in photos post-ceremony, and the entire wedding party. This keeps everyone on the same page (literally!) and not sending you texts asking where they should be at what time.

Another helpful tip to consider is making a comprehensive list of all decor items and setup notes. Typically, your venue, rental company and/or coordinator will create and manage this.


The last tip, and this is a big one, is to REMEMBER THE BIG PICTURE. Whenever you start to feel a little stressed on the day or even, just in general, it’s important to remember what this day is about. You’re marrying your best friend and get to do life with this person forever. This is a happy day and all the little things will soon mean nothing once you lay eyes on your forever.

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