Bridal Details: Why They're Important

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Your grandmother’s ring, your mother’s veil, the invitation suite you carefully picked out – these are just a few of the things that make up your bridal details. It’s the meaningful items you have chosen to include as part of your wedding day. With such special items, it would be a loss to not have them photographed on your day!

Photographing details on a wedding day is one of my favorite things! When I arrive, I say hello to everyone, give hugs, and then gather my bride’s details. This is such a wonderful way to begin and truly sets the tone for the day. It allows me to ease into the day and transition into “wedding mode.” Aside from this, photographing details first is a must because this is the only time the items aren’t in use and it’s also the time when everyone is still getting ready.

You may be thinking, “Are these photos of material things truly worth the time and effort on my photographer’s part and also, are they worth me having later on?” “Will I really appreciate them?” The answer as a former bride who looks through her wedding photos very often and as a wedding photographer is ABSOLUTELY, YES! Images of your invitation suite show the time and date along with other details. Images of your rings and other jewelry show in detail the items you wore on this day. The list goes on.

The day goes by so fast and the photos are how you relive the day when it has come and gone. The more photos you have of the things and people that represented your day, the better you can remember the day as it actually was. Not to mention, you spent SO much time picking out every single detail of your day. Let’s be sure each piece is preserved in photos!

What Details To Include

Before a wedding day, I always remind my bride to have her details set aside in a little bag or specific area before I arrive. I even recommend pulling everything together in advance just so you don’t forget! This saves so much time and keeps things running smoothly. Here’s a general list of what to include:

  • Engagement ring and wedding bands
  • Invitation suite with envelopes
  • Shoes
  • Garter
  • Dress and veil with a nice hanger
  • Earrings and other jewelry
  • Bouquet and boutonnieres (Note: Florists often will provide extra flowers or greenery to use for styling with detail photographs – be sure to check in and ask your florist to ensure everything has arrived by the time detail photographs begin! Flowers truly enhance these photos and also reveal even more of the style of your day.)
  • Perfume
  • Handkerchief
  • Any other small meaningful items

From what you see above, these are more than just pretty photos, they are your day represented in its entirety! Bridal details are important, that’s why you chose them. Invest in your details and have them ready to go and neatly organized on your day. Your future wifey self will thank you! ;)

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