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Why Wedding Day Timelines Matter

Imagine this – it’s your wedding day, vendors begin showing up, you begin hair and makeup and BAM! It’s time for the ceremony to start! How did that happen so fast? We didn’t get everything we needed to get done. We missed out on important photos! All the time and energy into planning has just gone down the drain all because there was no timeline to keep everyone on track. Wedding day timelines matter, folks, and here are a few reasons why.

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6 Tips For A Stress-Free Wedding Day

When you hear the words “wedding day,” it can evoke a lot of emotions. From feeling excited to sentimental to just plain stressed, your wedding day can hold so many emotions. This blog post focuses on how to have a joy-filled day with as little to no stress as possible! When you plan well, you leave yourself room to be at ease and present on one of the most important days of your life.

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How To Prep For Your Engagement Session

The love of your life just got down on one knee, asked for your hand in marriage and you answered with a resounding, “YES”! You are now right in the middle of planning for your big day and you have something else to think about – your engagement session!

While planning for engagement sessions brings lots of excitement, they can also add to your to-do list and bring up a lot of questions. What are we supposed to wear? Where should we take them? What if I’m awkward in front of the camera? We have to kiss in front of a camera...what do I do with my hands?!

No need to worry! I’ve been there as a bride and I’m now on the other side of things as a photographer. Full of helpful tips and style inspiration, this post will help you prep successfully for your session!

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