Charleston, SC Engagement Session | Jasmine & Jay

Charleston, SC Engagement Session_Markie Walden Photo-17.jpg

Oh gracious! There are SO many things I can say about these two BEAUTIFUL people. When Jasmine and I first met, it was an instant friendship! We had so many things in common and we covered so many topics in our first conversation together – you know you’ve clicked when this happens!

The hearts that Jasmine and Jay have are unmatched! They love Jesus, and each other and both have the most kind spirits I’ve come across in a very long time. Truly exceptional! I’m having a hard time putting into words how special these two are. What I can say is this, it is a GIFT to know them. I’ll just leave it right there, since I’ll most likely just continue blabbering on trying to get out the words to describe these beautiful humans! Haha!

They’re wedding day will be unforgettable, that’s for sure!