Markie Walden Photography's 2018 Highlights: Wedding Edition

I can’t BELIEVE 2018 is coming to a close! WHAT A YEAR! I got to serve SO many incredible couples all across the southeast and also got to photograph so many wonderful families and newborns along the way as well.

This post will showcase this year’s highlights along with a couple BTS photos! I hope you enjoy reliving some of this year as much I as did when pulling this post together!

Behind the Scenes

Thanks to my girl Shea Sauder for being the BEST second photographer around and the sweetest friend. I was lucky enough to snag this girl over a year ago when she was still studying at Clemson University. She second shot one of her first weddings with me and is now a pro! Scroll down to put a face with a name. Here’s to many more weddings together in 2019! ;)

Enjoy just a few BTS images (didn’t want to overload you of myself in this post. Haha!) Also, please feel free to laugh at me cheesing away and photo-bombing my bride and groom leaving their ceremony – great catch, Shea! Haha!

2018 Wedding Highlights

Best of “Dang, girl, you looking fineee!”

Okay, so for this particular wedding party pose, I have to make a big shout out to my own wedding photographer, Emily Chappell Photography. She did this pose at my own wedding and it stuck with me. I have my bride step out front and center and make sure the guys yell and holler at how fine she looks! I do this pose for EVERY wedding I photograph because let me tell you, it NEVER disappoints and always has us laughing! Here are a couple shots where my groomsmen went all in! Haha!

Leave It to the Groomsmen…

Here’s a couple of, well ya know...groomsmen being groomsmen. Haha!

Best Dance Party

That first photo right below is my hottie husband on drums! ;) You’ll see several Steel Toe Stiletto photos mixed in here along with fun dance photos from weddings this year. They’re hands down the best band in the business. We got to do a wedding together this year and I got to photograph them at another event. SO fun. This was also the same wedding my dad officiated! (He’s a wedding officiant – we keep it in the family around here! Haha!) I’m not just biased, trust me, I’ve seen a lot of bands and have a musical background – don’t skimp out on investing in a great band to make your reception an unforgettable party!

There you have it! The highlights reel of 2018: wedding edition! Let me know in the comments if you love seeing posts like this!

A MAJOR and INCREDIBLE THANK YOU to every single one of my couples this year (and families who I photograph as well) for letting me be apart of your love story! From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You’ve made my dreams come true!