Our 4th Anniversary: Sunset Anniversary Session on Edisto Beach, SC


First off, I want to say a special thank you to Fabiola Isabel Photography for capturing these BEAUTIFUL images for us on film! So glad we’re friends now – she’s the sweetest! ;)

My goodness, how did we get to four years of marriage already?! I just can’t even believe it. Year four has been a good one. There’s a steadiness that comes with year four. A year where comfort and calmness play a big role. We have a deep knowing for each other that keeps progressing day by day. We know what makes the other tick and we celebrate that.

In year four, I see the hard work to become more patient with each other pay off. Some days we work extra hard, but for the most part, patience is a little easier to come by compared to year one. Can I get a witness for those newlywed days?! I think it’s because we see the other for who we are and strip all notions of trying to change each other.

We have seen that there’s so much peace that comes when we work as a team. Now, we don’t get this right all the time by no means, but my goodness, what maturity and a little selflessness can do for a marriage is amazing. I’ve found that thinking of how I can out-serve my husband is what helps squash my own selfishness that creeps up every so…no, all the time. ;)

These things don’t happen overnight. Just as it is with anything in life, you have to WORK and practice, and practice again until you get it right. It’s a process. It’s a process that will last a lifetime. But it’s a wonderful thing to be married to your best friend and be right in the thick of it together. Oh, and for all my planners and have to have things done right now type of folks, I am MORE than with you – the word “process” makes me cringe. But, I’ve been learning lately that there’s a whole bunch of joy wrapped up in the process. I just have to choose to enJOY it. ;)

We’ve made a commitment to invest in our marriage and in each other. Yes, the word invest is a big one. But, it truly is a MAJOR investment where you give all of yourself to one another, believing for better and knowing you’ll get there if you stay the path. We celebrate the small victories and strive to give grace for what seem like steps backwards. In the end, we’ll look back on year four and think, how little we knew then, just like we do now for year one. That’s the beauty. The beauty in growth, in the process, in change, and in the incredible magic and power of love.