Our Trip to Unico 20°87° | Mexico Travel Diary


Every year, we make it a priority to go away for our anniversary. Rob and I both love to travel and explore new places so this is a great way to get destinations checked off our bucket list! Last year we went to Aspen, Colorado and it was the MOST incredible trip. We will definitely be going back to Colorado – it's one of our favorite trips so far! 

This year we wanted to warm it up a little bit and go all-inclusive like we did on our honeymoon! So, we started perusing Caribbean islands. We didn't landed on an island this time, obviously! Mexico grabbed our attention because of this AMAZING resort – Unico 20°87°. We booked our trip at this resort and kind of took a chance on it because it wasn't even open at the time we booked! Side note – book resorts before they've opened – opening prices are amazing! 

Needless to say, it was a great choice! Unico is known to be a "foodie" resort and that it was! The food was so fresh and the ingredients were of the highest quality. While other resorts have decent food, this place was on top of the game. It felt like we were dining in 5 star restaurants daily! Even their room service was top notch – we dined in the room so much because ya girl will opt to not put on makeup and get dressed up if given the chance, especially at the beach! ;)

Next to the food, the spa treatments were the best! We ended up getting three different couple's massages and decided to skip out on excursions. Haha! It was TOTALLY worth it! We did however go swimming with dolphins! That was the most amazing thing ever! Scroll all the way to the end to see a really hilarious photo of that. 

Another thing to mention is how amazing their pools are. Our mornings were filled with fresh fruit and bubbles baths on the balcony and our days were filled with sun and long walks on the beach. It was so wonderful!