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1208 Washington Wedding in Columbia, SC | Alana & Ben

Oh my gracious, what a GORGEOUS day with some of the most fun, kind-hearted people! This wedding was a top favorite for sure and definitely such a great wedding to end my season with before baby girl comes.

Alana and Ben’s day was incredibly peaceful and joy-filled. When this happens on a wedding day, it truly reflects the character of the people involved. Alana and Ben both have such wonderful personalities and you instantly feel like friends right after meeting them! The same goes for their parents and wedding party.

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Huguenot Mill and Loft Wedding in Greenville, SC

Wow! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY! I'm just going to go ahead and say that this wedding is definitely a major favorite. Of course a big reason is because Becca and Patrick are a darling and fun couple who love their puppy baby as much as Rob and I love Paisley. But, another HUGE reason this was such a sweet and tender day for me is because the GORGEOUS Huguenot Mill is WHERE ROB AND I GOT MARRIED just 3.5 short years ago. Yes, I definitely cried (although I cry at every wedding I shoot!), but these tears were a little more sentimental. Even some of Becca's decor elements reminded me of our own day. It was just SO wonderful to be on the other side. It’s almost as if I was reliving my day and watching it unfold from a different perspective, if that makes sense! I cannot wait to shoot here again...who will be my next Huguenot bride?! ;) 

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