Why Wedding Day Timelines Matter

Imagine this – it’s your wedding day, vendors begin showing up, you begin hair and makeup and BAM! It’s time for the ceremony to start! How did that happen so fast? We didn’t get everything we needed to get done. We missed out on important photos! All the time and energy into planning has just gone down the drain all because there was no timeline to keep everyone on track. Wedding day timelines matter, folks, and here are a few reasons why.


With a well-planned timeline, everyone is on the same page, literally! From vendors to the wedding party to family who will be in the post-ceremony photos, the timeline should be sent to everyone involved in your day. Rather than different people texting you what time to be where, they only need to refer to this one page to know what’s happening.

Think of the timeline as the heartbeat of your wedding day. Without it, the day would have no rhythm and things would go downhill pretty fast. With a good timeline, you don’t have to think about what’s next as your photographer and coordinator will keep things moving at exactly the perfect timing.


Some of you may be worried that a timeline will make the day feel rigid or too planned out. This is not the case! In fact, a timeline can aid in making the day feel the exact opposite which is relaxed, carefree and joyful. A good timeline allows for the day to flow how it needs to flow with buffer time planned throughout the day. Because, let’s be real, you may want some extra time to primp and that’s okay! With a timeline, your photographer especially, will keep things on track even when things get a little off track.


Most photographers, like myself, have a preferred or sample timeline to aid in the creation of the final timeline that is planned either with your coordinator and/or photographer themselves. Upon booking, I send over a complete bridal guide with my sample timeline included. It touches on the amount of time needed to photograph each portion of the day and lays out the best flow. This resource is easy to use when planning the timeline for your day. After photographing many weddings and having had my own, my sample timeline is tried and true!

Generally speaking, photographers need to have a say in many of the happenings of a wedding day that go in the final timeline. Photographers take into consideration the amount of time needed for a particular set of photos, the lighting and other logistics. Be sure to consider your photographer’s preferred timeline!

In regards to creating a timeline for your wedding day, allow your photographer and ultimately, your coordinator to help you! This is what we’re here for – to make your life easier and your day wonderful!

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