The Morris Twins | Southern and Airy Lifestyle Newborn Session | Markie Walden Photography

Dream session! I got to check off an item on my photography bucket list with this session. Not only was I able to photograph twins, but I was able to photograph twins WITH two older siblings! And, not only was this family picture perfect, but their house was too. It is a very Charleston-esque home and beautifully decorated in a southern style. The shiplap wall was an addition by the Morrises. JoAnna Gaines would be proud! Twins, shiplap, white...I was in heaven! 

As you'll see, this family is FULL of love. The older siblings adore their new baby sisters and would get very excited about getting to hold their sisters for photos. So precious! I have major respect for this mama and her abilities to mother these four young babes! This is no easy task. Also, let's not forget dad as well who went to get the older kids Chick-Fil-A while Andrea and I finished up the twin's individual shots. They are running a well-oiled machine and made the transition from 2 children to 4 children like champs! I was so thankful to be apart of this season of their life. Capturing the genuine moments with this family was easy! Enjoy more of this sweet session below.

These are some of my favorites. These two LOVE their new sisters. Also, the decor and the wall print... MAJOR HEART EYES!